Welcome to Macher Swim School 2016

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New 2016 Information

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Welcome to Macher Swim School 2016

Mid-Missouri’s Best Swim School



Welcome to Macher Swim School!

            The best is not expensive it’s priceless!   This is especially true when you consider the life saving skills that becoming a good swimmer can provide.

I believe Macher Swim School to truly be the best choice for swimming lessons for you &/or your family.

Macher Swim School was founded in Columbia, MO in 1976 when Joanne Macher taught lessons at the old Christian College Pool.  The pool is no longer there and the college has since changed their name to Columbia College. Macher’s is the oldest, best, and most professional swim school in Mid Missouri.

            Joanne is a charter member of the National Swim School Association, a member of Columbia’s Safe Kids Coalition, and an American Red Cross Life Guard Instructor. She started teaching swimming in the late 1950’s as a teacher’s aide and has taught swimming every year since. In addition, she has coached swimming since 1976 and is  has earned the recognition as an American Swim Coaches Association’s level 4 coach out of a possible of 5 levels.

            With a Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Education and Master’s Degree in Education Joanne has a solid foundation in knowledge, skill, and experience in producing the best and most professional swim school in the Mid-Missouri and beyond.

Standards for Macher’s Swim Lesson Program

  1. The goal of Macher Swim School is to have all students be safe in our classes, enjoy the learning experience (for some this may not happen on the first day or two), and to get results by teaching the student how to swim and improve their swimming skills.
  2. Pool chemistry is properly balanced for a healthy environment: we normally maintain a chlorine reading of 2.0-3.0 ppm, ph reading of 7.4-7.6, and water temp.of 860-880 F.
  3. Instructors are professional, well trained, and have safety as their #1 concern
  4. Instructors teach in a manner that is enjoyable & gains results for their students
  5. Instructors are expected to keep students active and engaged during the lesson

Benefits of Various Classes

  1. Tots class
    • Teaches parents how to help their child learn how to swim through effective Macher’s teaching methods.
    • Helps the parent learn how to help their child in the water safely.
    • Teaches parents about water safety for their family.
    • Helps encourage bonding and an enjoyable experience between parent and child
  2. Beginner class & Advancing beginners
    • Helps meet safety and developmental needs of children 3-6 years of age.
    • If older children come to us at this level we work with them at their age development needs, which will be different than working with a younger child.
    • Teaches basic swimming skills needed for self rescue and good decision making in and around the water.
    • Develops a foundation for correct swimming techniques & other aquatic skills
  3. Junior Swimmers thru Intermediate
    • Enhance the foundation skills so the student is well on their way to become a skillful swimmer
    • Further swimming knowledge to increase their safety in and around the water
    • Broaden knowledge and skills in the water to increase good decision making
  4. Swim Squad
    • Provides an opportunity for skills needed for more access to training in water safety, water rescue, life guarding classes, and perhaps joining a swim team
    • Helps a student become a safe and skilled swimmer
    • Acquisition of these more advanced knowledge and water skills, like competitive swimming and should be encouraged as these enhance aquatic safety.
    • Even if this student does not become a competitive swimmer they will develop excellent technique and skill to be able to use swimming as a fitness tool for life.
    • Advanced swimming skills opens many doors for safe recreation and fun around the water…motorboats, tubing, rafting, skiing, fishing, personal watercraft, sailboats, canoes, kayaks, scuba diving, snorkeling, etc.


  1. Registration: is held on a first come first served basis. Registration may be made on line, by calling our office at (573) 875-7946, or by stopping by Macher Swim School, 2004 Corporate Pl, Columbia, MO 65202.
  2. Check-in: when arriving for the lessons please arrive about 10 minutes before your class begins and check-in and pay at the office. On the first day of classes please take your child to the section of the pool where their lesson will be held and introduce your child to the instructor.
  3. Payment: payments are usually made in full on or before the first day of classes. We accept cash, checks, and MasterCard & Visa cards. 

Use of a credit/debit card: There is an additional $2 charge for use of a credit or debit card, a $10 minimum may be charged. At this time we are not accepting payments on line, but can handle on the phone payments, however, there is an additional $4 charge for over-the-phone payments. We apologize for making these additional charges for use of a ‘card’; however the credit card companies charge us 3%-5% for each transaction. 

Returned check fee charge is $20:  If returned checks are not settled within 10 days they will be turned over to the Prosecuting Attorney’s office.

Macher’s frequently works with the customer’s financial needs and if there is a need to spread out your payment please contact Joanne Macher, (573) 875-7946.

Paying by the class: In some situations it is more appropriate to pay the single class rate verses paying for an entire session.  Single class rate for children: $12.50/class. Single class rate for adults: $13.50/class.

Multiple family member discounts: there is a $2 discount for additional family members in the same session of group swim lessons. This is offered when the cost for the session of lessons is $65 or greater.  For example: If the cost for the first child is $80 the second child’s cost would be $78, the third child’s cost would also be $78.

  1. Questions: If you have a question during the lessons contact the staff in the office, or if necessary ask your child’s instructor or the most senior staff member in the pool.  We are always happy to make your experience at Macher Swim School a great one.  Also, feel free to call our office (573-875-7946) to further discuss concerns. If you feel you have a need for an exception to our policies please contact Joanne Macher, (573) 875-7946.
  2. Cancellations for a Session of Classes: need to be made with a manager a minimum of 48 hours in advance of the beginning of the session; otherwise, a $20 cancellation fee will be charged.  This policy applies to group and private lessons.
  3. Parents watching: from the deck or the observation room is at the discretion of the parent, however, Macher Swim School recommends to observe from the location that is best for the child to be able to focus on instruction
  4. Make-ups: Macher Swim School offers make-ups for missed lessons. If Macher Swim School must cancel classes due to weather or facility problems there is no charge for make-up classes. Announcements pertaining to the scheduling of those classes will be made as soon as possible. If the student must miss it is possible to schedule a make-up prior to missing a class. Make-up classes should be made as soon as possible and not wait to the end of the session of classes. All make-ups must be completed within 2 months of the missed class.

Group classes: There will be a $2.00 administration fee to schedule a make-up class if the student must miss a class.  If the student misses because of illness Macher’s encourages contacting us for a make-up class after the student is feeling better. There is an additional $2.00 fee for a make-up class resulting from missing a missed make-up class.

Private lessons: There will be a $5.00 administration fee to schedule a make-up lesson for a missed private lesson. There will be an additional $5.00 fee for a make-up class resulting from missing a missed private lesson.

  1. Class sizes: Normal minimum 3 & normal maximum 5 beginners, 6 advancing beginners, junior swimmer, low intermediate, 10 swim squad.  Occasionally we will decide to hold a class smaller than our normal minimum.  If that is done and there is only one student in the class the time length of that class may be shortened by 10 minutes.  
  2. Food at the Facility: Macher Swim School prefers no food on the deck or in the dressing areas. Crumbs in wet areas attract bugs. Food may be consumed in the entry and observation room. Thank you.
  3. Clean shoes: Macher Swim School prefers all who enter the building, dressing rooms, and pool deck to have clean shoes. Dripping bathers going to and fro create puddles and dirt on the floor quickly turns into mud which tracks easily. Please wipe shoes before entering. Thank you.
  4. No Glass: Since so many of us run around with bare feet we also prefer that glass items not be brought onto the deck or into the locker rooms.  Thank you.

Water Safety & Drowning Prevention Tips for Parents & Child Care Providers

  1. Be water smart for your children.  The vast majority of drownings occur when the victim did not intend to go swimming; this is true for children and adults. For children this means the water was entered without an adult’s knowledge.
  2. Beat the statistics In Missouri, drowning is the second leading cause of death for children 5 years old and younger. The first cause is auto accidents.  Most people ‘buckle-in’ their children in the car.  How about getting your child to become a safe and good swimmer?
  3. Supervision should be done by an attentive & responsible adult.  Do not let children supervise children. Children around water should be constantly watched.
  4. Know Rescue Skills as Rescue Breathing & CPR*
  5. Be sure children are strong swimmers this skill could be a life saver for your child or if they continue with their training and become a life guard* their skills could be a life saver for someone else.
  6. With back yard pools provide layers of protection between the living area and the pool. For example: self-closing & locking gates, no toys on deck to attract children to play there, keep items away from outside the fence that might temp children to climb over.
  7. Special situations that need awareness & supervision by adults: Rising creeks, tubs, buckets, etc. Docks, boating, & other types of aquatic recreational equipment…these are always interesting and enticing for children
  8. For more tips see our brochure, ‘Save Your Child’s Life’.


* Macher Swim School offers the American Red Cross courses in these areas.

Year Round Water Dogs

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Year Round Macher Water Dogs




There will be scheduled activities and breaks every season.


Fall:                       August 25– November 30, 2014 (Labor Day 9/1 & 2; Thanksgiving 11/26-30/14)

Winter:           December 1, 2014 – February 28, 2015 (Christmas 12/20/14-1/4/15)

Spring:                        March 1 – May 31, 2015 (Spring break 3/21 –3/31/15)

Summer:         June 1 – August 13, 2015 (End of summer break 8/14-8/31/15)*

The above schedule does not include the necessity of other unanticipated cancellations.


Water Dog year round Training


Water Dogs: Be able to swim more than 300 yards. Swim a minimum of 200 yards of freestyle, and a minimum of 50 yards of either back crawl (backstroke), breaststroke, or butterfly. Be able to dive from the side of the pool or off a starting block.


There is no minimum practice requirement; however, swimmers are limited to four practices per week. Please choose and commit to practice days and times as space at each training time may be limited.

Practice times:  

Monday & Wednesday 4:30-5:15pm, Monday & Wednesday 5:15-6pm Tuesday & Thursday 7-7:45pm, Saturday 12-12:45pm


School Year Seasons: $215.00/season; payment is due the first week of the season (approx. 3 months). During the fall, winter, spring seasons please make checks payable to Macher Swim School.

Summer Season: Must be a member of Macher Aquatic Center.  For the summer season please make checks payable to Macher Aquatic Center.

Single practice: $12.50 per practice. Check with the office as there must be room at that training time.

How to enroll:

Call the Macher Swim School office, 875-SWIM (7946) and tell us you want to sign up for the Seasonal Water Dog program. Let us know your preferred days & times.


Macher Swim Squads: Many students of the Macher swim squad program will be able to qualify for the Water Dogs, and may join the Water Dog program if they so desire.


Questions: Contact Joanne Macher, 875-7946

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